1. David A Wettlin
    October 18, 2023 @ 8:37 pm

    Hello! I love your site and your talent. Is there a way to increase the size of your blueprints/decals to accommodate 1/12 scale kits. I have been working on a diorama of the interior of imperial consoles and doors and the three in scale does not work. I believe it will be 150% increase. I am able to do this? Thanks for all you do. I am knew to this hobby and am excited to learn more from you. Thank you!


    • Frank Diorio
      November 20, 2023 @ 11:00 pm

      Hi David, thank you for the wonderful compliments. If by 1/12 you mean 6″ figures ? then yes it is possible to modify all my dimensions and images. You can print at 160% and multiply the dimensions of the blueprints by 1.6. I am trying to find the time to post more of my decals for 6″ builds as I get a lot of requests for this, but it takes a lot of time. I will try and get these 3 hoth decals up on site in native 6″ (no scaling on your part) before Christmas. Frank.


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