1. Andrew Robert Brindle
    October 18, 2023 @ 2:48 pm

    When I print these DS decals they come out blue an sometimes grey. Can you help me with this?


    • Frank Diorio
      November 8, 2023 @ 8:31 pm

      Hey Andrew, this is a simple yet also complicated question. The main issue with printing decals, is that what we see on our screens, at your home and my home, are mostly the same colours, however I have learned this summer myself that when it comes to printing, it is a whole different ballgame.

      Let’s first start with the blueish/grey. This was for me a personal decision when creating the decals. It seams that no one knows the true colour of the set. Perhaps it is Neutral Grey. But when you look at the film, in editing you use a Colour Grade which gives the mood of the scene and elevates the dullness of the actual film. Now here comes another issue, when you look at all the photos online and even watching a dvd or blue ray the Death Star Hallways ALL LOOK DIFFERENT. That is because each version seems to have gotten a different tweak in it’s grade. I wanted to make the Death Star from the original 1977 version which has more of a blueish tint, which is why you see that in your decals. Now that explains the reasoning for what colour I made my decals, for the printing, here we go in another complication… EACH PRINTER PRINTS DIFFERENT !!!

      I learned this the hard way when my old printer of past 12 years died and I had to buy a new printer. Old one was HP new one is ink cartridge Epson and I was in shock when I printed my first batch that NONE of the prints matched what I had printed last year. I was pissed, and spent hours trying to figure out why this was. Apparently each persons printer can use different inks and different inks means you don’t always get the same look. So My print, your print, Jimmy’s print and Betty’s print can look like 4 totally different colours. Theres nothing we can do with that. So here are the solutions.

      1) ALWAYS Print using the SAME decal sheets (or paper if using gluestick – NEVER HOT GLUE) and ALWAYS THE SAME PRINTER. Doing this you should have no issues with matching rooms you build now or in 6 months. Now if you find it TOO BLUEISH, which can happen because remember all printers are different, you can either play with the colours using a photo app (reduce the SATURATION ONLY in the BLUE layer) Now the reduction will depend on your printer so you may have to do tests until you are happy then NOTE the EXACT number % you used and you will need to apply that on everone of my decals. Yes tedious I know, but you will get the printed result that makes you happy. Does this make sense ? Hope that helps. Frank.


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